The Curtin Victoria Park Cricket Club was formed in the winter of 1999 with the merger of two of the area’s most powerful cricket clubs, Suburban Turf’s CurtinUniversity and Victoria Park Cricket Clubs. Combining the major cap colours of the two original teams, the newly formed Curtin University Victoria Park Cricket Club adopted the Redback as it’s emblem with a view to putting a bite on the competition. This strength was reinforced in 2008 following the additional merger with another historical regional powerhouse, the Perth Cricket Association’s Victoria Park Cricket Club. Combining the major cap colours of the two original teams, the newly formed CurtinUniversity


Suburban Turf’s Victoria Park can boast of being the oldest team in the competition, formed in 1895 and based at the Redback’s current home ground of Harrold Rossiter. The Club has survived two world wars, the great Depression and Wanky’s bowel problems to hold a strong history of developing cricket in the region, for many years having a strong presence in junior competition as well as senior. Victoria Park was 1991/92 Champion Club for it’s achievements over that season including premierships in 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and 6th Grade.


Curtin University Cricket Club was founded in September 1972 as WAIT Cricket Club based upon the University’s name at the time. The first team finished second in its first season in the Suburban Turf Competition 5th Grade, followed it up with a premiership the next year and promotion to 4th Grade for another premiership which was rewarded with promotion to 2rd grade (which was duly won) then first grade where they remained until the year of merger in 1999. The Club enjoyed a particularly strong run from 1988-1994 with 4 first grade premierships (including a threepeat) from 6 finals appearances , 9 finals appearances across other grades (with 2 premierships) and the Champion Club award in 1988/89, an award they previously won in 1984/85.


1972 also saw the formation of the Victoria Park Cricket Club in the Perth Mercantile Cricket Association (a precursor to the Perth Cricket Association) by Bryan Shepherd. The Club was based at Fraser Park and the ground remains in use following the merger. The first season that the Club was created saw them win the A grade premiership, the start of a very successful and social Club. The Club won 19 premierships (including back to back first grade premierships in 1987/88 and 1988/89 whilst second grade managed three in a row at the same time, coming back for a third in 1989/90). The Club won its Association champion club awards in 1993/94 and backed it up in 1994/95.


Since the merger, the now named Curtin Victoria Cricket Club has at times boasted over 11 teams, spread across the WASTCA, PCA and WAWCA (WA Women’s Cricket Association), won 11 premierships and been recognised twice for honouring the spirit of the game by the association, the most recently this season for our Colts team, hopefully a portent to a bright future ahead.

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